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Clinical information(Last few rows, shown for reference)

#Added OnMenstrual Cycle Last PeriodDPODOV IUIHCG InjectionEgg Collection Embryo Transfer
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HCG Levels and Scan Reports(Last few details, shown for reference)

#Added OnScanDate Embryo SeenSac Status
12019-05-09 09:06:052019-05-0900
22019-05-02 05:27:422019-05-0200
32019-04-23 12:02:092019-04-2300
42019-04-14 18:34:452019-04-1400
52019-03-25 10:03:162019-03-2500
62019-03-21 21:34:202019-03-2100
72019-03-16 13:34:222019-03-1600
82019-03-13 15:36:282019-03-1300
92019-02-11 07:22:262019-02-1100
102018-12-29 04:39:152018-12-2900

UltraSound Scan Reports(Last few details, shown for reference)

#Added OnSac No CRL LengthMSD LengthYolk CommentsOutcome
12014-09-01 00:00:0010123ed e eee dsss ddfff

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